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What is Lexia?

Lexia is a computer based program which helps pupils learn to read and understand texts. In school we have identified certain pupils who we believe will benifit most from taking part in "Intervention Lexia".

This intervention helps pupils develop their reading skills through a range of games. At school your child has 3 x 20 minute sessions on Lexia. Participants can now also access Lexia at home. Lexia adapts according to the individual needs of your child, and we strongly advise you do not help them through the program. It is best to let your child work on Lexia independently. If you think they are struggling on a particular skill, please ask your son or daughter to try another activity and inform your teacher.

Participating pupils will have brought home a letter providing guidence on using Lexia at home. Detailed download and installation instructions for specific platforms are provided below:

Instructions for Windows and Mac - Instructions on how to download, install and set up Lexia on Windows or Mac OS X

Instructions for Apple iPad - Instructions on how to download, install and set up lexia on Apple iPad

Instructions for Android tablets - Instructions on how to download, set up and install Lexia for Android tablets