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School Uniform

We do have a uniform. It’s sensible and works out at very good value for money – because pupils will wear it everyday, saving wear and tear on their home clothes (and saving on arguments and worry about what to wear!).

We believe it helps our young people identify more with the school, feel a sense of pride and belonging and puts them in the mood for work.

The uniform:


  • White polo shirt
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers
  • Lower school pupils will wear a maroon sweatshirt with the school logo
  • Upper school pupils can wear either a black sweatshirt with the school logo or a black reversible fleece

The maroon and black sweatshirts are to be ordered through Pinders School Wear. They have two outlets, one in Rotherham Bus Station and one in Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre. Alternatively uniform can be ordered online at Reversible fleeces and white polo shirts with the school logo on can also be ordered if required.